Surf course

Learn the basics of surfing within 4 days
For the surf course we recommend the age of 12 years or older, because of the fact that surfing is a pretty fysical sport. The course consists of 4 periods of 3 hours. Different surf gear sets (each one for a different weather type and the degree of experience) and wetsuits are being facilitated by De Kuilart. The groups consist of a maximum of 6 persons and are being guided by fanatic surfers.

The surf courses always take place, also in case of rain or bad weather. If necessary a theoretical class is given in case of thunder. A swimming diploma is compulsory and wearing a life-jacket is also recommended.

Programma per day (example)
Day 1:
We will start with the rig up of the surf gear and an explanation of the wind directions. Afterwards you directly get on the water to learn the basic posture and surf on close reach.

Day 2:
You will start by making your own surf gear ready and continue with practising the aspects you learned yesterday. Besides that, we will also practice to come about, to bear away and to luff up.

Day 3:
Today you will learn the last bits of surfing so you can sail around the harbour of De Kuilart and end up at a windward point. You might even succeed to planish!

Day 4:
This last course day you will repeat all that you have learned the days before. So you will eventually feel more comfortable on the surfboard. At the end of the day you will receive a Kuilart certificate.

Learning to surf at De Kuilart
Surfing is an ideal outdoor sport for young and old or for the whole family. It can be quite relaxing, but also very sportive. We are therefore also convinced that everyone can enjoy this fine division of watersport. The enthusiasm about the surfing sport makes us eager to share our knowledge and skills to everyone who is interested. For more information about the surf course you can always contact us without any obligations!

Rent surf gear
Surf course € 160.00 per person
Day part price € 40.00
Day price € 70.00
Weekend price € 115.00
Week price € 200.00


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