Holiday at the waterside in Friesland

De Kuilart
A harbour with facilities
Harbour De Kuilart has all the facilities that you would expect of a harbour on a five star park!
De Kuilart
Boat rental
Rent a boat at our boat rental and make a beautiful trip on the Frisian lakes!
De Kuilart
Playing facilities, fun for the kids!
Next to the harbour of De Kuilart you can find several playing facilities for the kids!
De Kuilart
Optimist course
Let your children get experienced with sailing during optimist course on De Kuilart!
De Kuilart
Valk course
Learn to sail on De Kuilart, alone or together with friends or family!
De Kuilart
Surf course @SurfcenterSudwest
Learn to surf with a surf course at De Kuilart at our new SurfcenterSudwest!
De Kuilart
The surrounding of De Kuilart, enjoy the time on the water
The surrounding of De Kuilart is mainly abounded in water! Lots of beautiful lakes and little canals which give you the opportunity to make endless beautiful trips.
De Kuilart
Sail along on a pream!
Want to experience a real Frisian sailing day? Sail along on a pream for two hours. For € 12.50 per person you will make a beautiful trip on the Frisian lakes!

Boat rental & Harbour De Kuilart

Ideal for the watersport fan
Holiday Park De Kuilart in Friesland is located in an area abounded in water. This is the reason that Holiday Park De Kuilart is the perfect location for watersport fans. The real watersport fan must have visited visited Friesland once for a holiday. Sailing or surfing, the choice is yours!

The perfect sport for watersports
Holiday Park De Kuilart located in the Southwest of Friesland is without a doubt the best spot for watersports. In the surrounding of De Kuilart you can find it all: picturesque winding canals, straight canals and lakes connected to each other. As well as the cities and villages full with history and culture. You can moor your boat easily in all the harbours.

More information
For more information about our berths for a passer-by, annual berths or harbour facilities go to harbour. For more information about the variety of boats go to boat rental. For valk, optimist or surfing lessons go to sailing courses. Via the above given pictures you can also find more information about De Kuilart, harbour mediation and the environment abounded in water.


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  • Vakantiepark De Kuilart
  • De Kuilart 1
  • 8723 CG Koudum
  • T: 0514-522221
  • F: 0514-523010
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